Services I offer

This page summarizes the professional services I offer.

I’m a freelance SEO writer, editor, blogger, WordPress designer and social media manager. While this is by no means the full range of skills that I have, these are what I offer at the moment.

Create a WordPress website: This would be based on your unique needs: blog, e-store, forum, or all or some combination of the above.

Write fresh, ongoing content for your blog: If you have a blog or site, that is. And if you’re a business owner, I can’t stress the importance of a blog as a way of growing your business. I can research and blog convincingly about pretty much any topic except for literal rocket science.

Manage your social media: Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. This can be done together with or separate from website design and content creation.

CLICK HERE to contact me if you’re interested in hiring me for any of the things above and to discuss things like fees, etc.

**APRIL 2017 UPDATE**: As of this writing I have an arrangement with a company as an independent contractor. Since this takes up all my energy I will not be offering the services above, for the time being.